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The Pack A.D.

The Pack A.D.: Dollhouse

The Pack A.D. - "Dollhouse" (Cadence Music): The fiery BC rock duo has a new album, Dollhouse,  coming out on Friday, and an eye-catching video for the title track single is now available for viewing.

The track showcases the crunching guitar work and go for the jugular vocals of Becky Black and powerful percussion of Maya Miller, yet there is melody within the sonic muscle.

In a label press release, video director Matt Leaf explains that "I love working with The Pack A.D. They have cinematic brains and think of every song they write as a music video. When they came to me with the new 'Dollhouse' track, the only constraint was it needed to be a single take video. They had a vision but needed a concept to complete the idea. We sat around drinking coffees after postponing the meeting twice, and by the end of Maya's jalapeño cheddar muffin, we were all grinning ear to ear.

"The song is about climate change, and how we're ruining the environment while pretending everything is fine. The video we created together captures the essence of 'Dollhouse' perfectly. We slowly turn up the volume on the subtleties until everything is chaos and it's too late to turn back, just like what we (human beings) have done to the planet."

Expect similarly strong themes on the rest of the album, described by the label as "a product of the gloom that surrounds them and the rest of the world in these politically turbulent times."

The Pack A.D. has released six earlier albums, dating back to 2007's debut, Tintype, and earned a reputation as a ferocious live act.

The duo has just begun the North American Dollhouse tour and play Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern on Oct. 12. The trek ends at The Shakedown in Bellingham, WA, on Dec. 9.

A full itinerary here

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