Mauno: Other Bad

Mauno - "Other Bad" (Idee Fixe/Tin Angel): This adventurous pop quartet from Halifax released its second album, Tuning, on Friday, accompanied by a video clip for one its focus cuts, "Other Bad." Both the video and the song are charming and mellow confections. The tune is sparse and a mite quirky, with singer Eliza Niemi's voice accompanied by a gently chiming guitar and staccato percussion. These days it is nice to hear a pop song devoid of synths.

Niemi explained to Exclaim! that "musically, 'Other Bad' is a string of disjointed conversations with multiple instruments, all talking at once, silencing one another, then rushing back in to blurt out what they're trying to say. None of these conversations goes anywhere — 'Other Bad' never gives you what you want. It builds and hints and foreshadows — instruments emulate ticking clocks — yet the satisfying, fully resolved climax is never realized. The clocks tick down to a person falling, out of control, back where they started."

The video features Niemi, on a leisurely bike ride, coming across a trio of ribbon twirling dancers on a country road. The clip is directed by actress Hallie Switzer, daughter of renowned film and video director Ingrid Veninger and musician/producer John Switzer.

Formed three years ago, Mauno released its debut album, Rough Master, in 2015. The group starts a European tour with Chad VanGaalen in Utrecht tonight, closing out in Ghent on Oct. 31. Itinerary here

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