Music Biz Headlines, Oct. 25, 2017

That time when Citytv knew music

Music was in Citytv's DNA from the very beginning. Co-founder Moses Znaimer adored music and correctly identified its crossover potential in the burgeoning TV universe (Leonard Cohen has perfectly described him as "The CPR of music"). He possessed laidback Montreal sensibilities tempered by a DIY protopunk ethos, at a time when Toronto was in the throes of an almighty Sixties hangover, Rochdale hippie idealism abounded, and the ghosts of New York nightclubs loomed large. This fertile breeding ground would just over a decade later give birth to our last great hope in the battle to stop MTV's soulless encroach into Canada, the mighty MuchMusic — blogTo

Here’s how far physical albums sales have fallen

Looking at this week’s Canadian charts, P!nk is the only clear winner, selling nearly 60,000 copies of her Beautiful Trauma album, an amazing accomplishment in this day and age. But then we look at the #2 album in the country, Beck’s Colors. In its debut week, it sold just 3,800 units across the country. It was possible to squeak into the Canadian Top 10 by moving just 1,800 records. And it gets worse — Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things

Liona Boyd’s new outlook on life

She may be a classical musician, but Liona Boyd has always had a rock star’s social life — Liz Braun, Toronto Sun

Governments can regulate culture. The question is should we?

There is a notion floating around that it's no longer possible to regulate culture – that the digital revolution has upended old policies that sought to protect Canadian arts and letters from foreign competition. That notion is false — John Ibbitson, The Globe & Mail

Life after NAFTA: Why no deal may free Canada on IP policy

Should the deal fail, years of dodging U.S. pressure on IP may give way to an international-oriented approach that reflects a strong commitment to striking a balance that protects creators, facilitates innovation, and entrenches user rights — Michael Geist’s blog

Geddy Lee talks baseball, family, music and more in an interview with Dan Rather

I lost my dad early on, and my parents came from a situation of horror in Europe through the war. So, I've always had this appreciation for gettin' the most outta the day, getting the most out of the minute. I have a lot of interests, and I try to follow those interests, and I try to embrace the world — Blabbermouth blog

Numb the pain with the money': how hip-hop turned nihilistic

Post Malone’s rockstar, the No 1 song in the US and UK this week, is a tale of drugs and loveless sex – and joins similarly empty-sounding hits from 21 Savage, Future, Lil Uzi Vert and more. Why has mainstream rap become so bleak? – Tirhakah Love, The Guardian

New figures show the global market share of indie labels based on copyright ownership rose by just under one percent last year to 38.4%, resulting in a rise in revenues of 6.9% to $6 billion   Chris Cooke,

Sheila E. felt it was 'time to stand for something' on her new album

 "When Prince passed away, I just shut down and started writing another record," his famed percussionist explains –  Kevin C. Johnson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Justin Timberlake to officially headline Super Bowl halftime show

He last performed at the infamous 2004 halftime show with Janet Jackson and will headline the show in 2018 –  Ian Zelaya,

Gord Downie onstage was a dancer at heart

A look at the physicality of the charismatic frontman – Brad Wheeler, The Globe And Mail

Tegan and Sara take a stand in a world that's headed to hell in a flaming handbasket

While the musical twins are marking a significant anniversary, their focus is very much on the present –  Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight

How 'Bang!' doc rescues Sixties hitmaker Bert Berns from obscurity

Berns' son and film's narrator Steven Van Zandt on why story of songwriter for Van Morrison, Janis Joplin and other legends deserves to be told   David Browne, Rolling Stone

Patti Smith on being broke, William Blake, and writing about writing

The woman known as punk’s poet laureate stopped in Chicago to promote her new book Devotion and perform some heartfelt songs  Samantha Yardron,

Does moving to Toronto help your band?

Three musicians sound off on how moving here has affected them as artists – Alex Hudson, NOW

A$AP Twelvyy talks comic books, being a nerd and the Mob

Rapper has a show at PNE Forum on Oct. 28–   Aleesha Harris, Vancouver Sun

 24 gigs, 24 venues, 24 hours

Winnipeg rockers the Treble played round the clock for charity last weekend – Erin Lebar, Winnipeg Free Press

Revealed: How Margaret Thatcher was briefed on the punk scene before an interview with Smash Hits

It was an interview that Margaret Thatcher’s advisers feared risked her public humiliation through detailed questioning on punk rock – Ben Farmer, The Daily Telegraph

Harry Styles groped onstage

Pop singer's fans are left disgusted after an over-zealous concert-goer appeared to grab his privates in LA on the weekend –

Vancouver Sun music reviews

A look at new albums from Wolf Parade, Turboprop, The Babe Rainbow, Archspire, and Curcuit des Yeux  – Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun

Hear Joe Henry's poetically (and politically) motivated 14th studio album 'Thrum'

Only now is the noted songsmith/producer ready to go public with the secret he’s guarded so closely for much of his life. Yes, he willing to confess now, he’s a poetry lover –  Randy Lewis,  LA Times

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