Roveena: Fearless

Roveena - "Fearless"( Vintage Green Records): This Sri-Lankan born Toronto-based singer-songwriter has been making serious moves online with her music. Her earlier covers reached over 250,000 spins on Spotify and 8 million views in YouTube video collaborations, while her songwriting skills are well-showcased in her new sophomore EP, Fearless.

Her musical breakthrough came after she reluctantly posted a video of herself singing “At Last” on YouTube. This turned into a career-launching appearance on Toronto's City-TV

The new record is co-written with James Bryan, of Philosopher Kings and Prozzak fame. Adele would be a reference point for Roveena's powerhouse voice, and FYI's David Farrell accurately noted that "a battalion of tanks couldn't hold back her vocal talent."

This is reaffirmed on the title track, an attention-grabbing stunner. It begins with just piano and voice, then massed strings kick in, enabling it to soar even higher. The positive lyrical message promotes self-confidence, one that Roveena has shown in devoting herself to music. The minimal lyric video helps drive the point home efficiently.

An emerging artist to keep a close eye on, for sure.

Roveena performs for the Friday Night Live series at the ROM in Toronto on Nov. 10th.

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