Gene dockside in Vancouver
Gene dockside in Vancouver

Gene Valaitis: Don't Let Your Dream Die

Don't ever let your dream die.

Professionally, I have only had one dream. Be a Morning Man on radio. I pursued it with passion. And I think I had a pretty good run, with people like my best friend and partner Jesse Dylan and others, Scruff, Brother Jake, Jane Hawtin, Gary Slaight, Steve Anthony, Bill Carroll and the list goes on.

Wonderful life time friends. Like a lot of people, I was a victim of the accountants and had to re-invent myself in another career. But my dream never died. I have tried for years and years to get back only to endless never returned phone calls and e-mails and told by friends, "It’s not the same", just forget it.

But I could not.

It was my dream. It always has been. Then, two months ago, Don Shafer decided to take a chance on me, and I'm now the Morning Man on Roundhouse Radio, Vancouver, an Indy. I am working harder and having more fun than I can tell you without the tears that came with having my very own chair and microphone again.

Broadcasters understand, "The Chair". And there were tears. And today, this photo arrives on my digital lap. A relative found it. It’s me in 1972, yes,1972; it’s where the dream started


Community cable hockey. You see that kid? His dream is as big today in Vancouver, with a massive pile of grey hair, as it was then.

I never let my dream die in spite of all the overwhelming number of endless rejections. This isn't ego speaking. It is just a reminder. Don't let your dream die.

Gene Valaitis, on his Facebook page yesterday

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