Casper Skulls  Photo: Gabriela Osio Vanden
Casper Skulls Photo: Gabriela Osio Vanden

Casper Skulls: Lingua Franca

Casper Skulls - "Lingua Franca" (Buzz Records): This hotly-tipped Toronto rock band released a debut full-length album, Mercy Works, on Friday, and it is now followed up with an artfully cinematic video clip for one of the focus tracks, "Lingua Franca."

Premiered on Billboard, the video was directed by Benjamin Dabu at the end of the summer in Caledon, Ontario. In a press release, the group explains that "the idea was based on classic crime duos in films like Thelma and Louise, Kit and Holly (Badlands), and Bonnie and Clyde. We wanted the video to represent a lot of the same emotions conveyed in the song, particularly focusing on a dysfunctional relationship where the couple enables one another. I like how in the video you don't quite know what kind of crime the couple has committed which I think ties into the ambiguity of the lyrics."

Co-lead vocalist Melanie St. Pierre elaborates on the song lyrics, observing that "'Lingua Franca' by definition is a universal language spoken by two people whose native tongues are different. Communication is the cause of a lot of friction in relationships and often once the connection is lost so is the bond between people. I think when we were working on the song we wanted it to sound different depending on the listener. I think it can be heard as both a breakup song or a song about the grey areas in a relationship."

The track showcases Casper Skull's stylistic blend of Anglo-influenced post-punk and shoegaze. The vocals of St. Pierre are a mite reminiscent of Molly Rankin of Alvvays, while the wall of guitar sound has just enough dynamism to keep things interesting.

Mercy Works was recorded in early 2017 with co-producer/engineer Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Dilly Dally), and mixed by Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, Death Cab For Cutie). 

Casper Skulls will be on tour throughout November in North America, playing shows with Land of Talk, And The Kids, Charly Bliss, Partner, and Baked. Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto dates are on the calendar.

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