Broadway, Maybe...But Meat Loaf Musical Set To Tour In 2018

Michael Riedel, writing in the New York Post, has promoter Michael Cohl saying that "Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical" is heading out on the highway and could be bound for Broadway.

From the tabloid: A stage version of “Bat Out of Hell” has been knocking around for years. Just about every major producer you can think of has taken a stab at it, but without success.

"Cohl, a rock promoter who’s known Steinman and Meat Loaf for 30 years, decided he’d take a shot.

“You know me,” he says. “Being a sucker for going into a burning building, I couldn’t resist.”

His plan is to launch an American tour of the show in the fall of 2018 and see how it goes.

“Some shows need to come to Broadway to establish a brand,” Cohl says. “Not to take anything away from Broadway, but this is a brand people are familiar with. Maybe we’ll become known as the best show that never played Broadway — and then we’ll get rid of that moniker.”

– Full story here.

In Toronto, the show has been extended for two additional weeks, to Jan. 7 at Ed Mirvish Theatre.

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