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Media Beat: November 07, 2017

Little Steven in London writing in Warren Cosford’s newsletter, Warren’s Network

The first time I came to Toronto was 1967.  

Is it REALLY 50 years ago?

   CJOB Copy Chief Kirk Northcott and I came in to accept some Commercial Awards. 

(The Smiling Cobra, G. M. Rory 'Rock' McLennon, let us use a week of our holidays).

   In one evening, for the price of a beer we saw....

Dizzy Gillespie at The Colonial

The Righteous Brothers at The Friars Tavern

Solomon Burke at Le Coq'or

Jim Ed Brown at the Edison Hotel.......

....all within a few blocks of each other on the Yonge Street Strip.

   Then...for the price of a coffee....we went to The Riverboat to see Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee.

I thought.....I gotta come here. 

   Former CJOB Copywriter Larry Green gave us a tour of CHUM.  

A Dump.  With a bunch of old DJs trying to sound Hip.

Nice guys've got to know when to fold'em.

   Across the street, CKFH had brought in a U.S. PD who had worked for Bill Drake.

On the air evenings at 'FH was Chuck McCoy.  

We knew him from CKY Winnipeg.....the Rock & Roll Capital of Canada.

(As Neil Young would later had to be there to know that.)

   Was Drake going to beat up The Old Guard at CHUM as he was beating all The Old Guards in America?

   I came back the next year with copywriter Pat Withrow.

Inspired by The Last Time, This Time we virtually won it all at the RSB Commercial Awards.

   Another Winnipegger, J. Robert Wood, had come to town and to CHUM.

Chuck McCoy soon crossed the street to join him.

Then JRW brought in Jackson Armstrong.  It was as if igniting an H Bomb in Toronto Radio. 

Jack made CHUM's old DJs sound even older.

I thought.....I gotta come here.

   A year and a bit later Mike Kornfeld, and Bill McDonald joined JRW

A couple of months later, I was next.  (thanks, Dougie).

Within the next two years, I brought in Rick Hallson, Bob McMillan, Ken Porteous and John Tucker.

(Much like you Steve, 20 years later, doing mornings at CJBK.....)

They were about to do things they had never knew enough to dream of.

Pat Withrow joined us at an Ad Agency where he wrote The Pizza Pizza Jingle..... 

and, very quietly, occasionally some things for us.

   The Winnipeg Mafia had arrived.

The '70s had begun.

Tony Chapman set to keynote OAB pm session

Attention is the oxygen of all human endeavours.  Attention breathes opportunity to engage and shape how the people that matter most to us, our viewers, advertisers, peers and stakeholders, think, feel and behave.

The challenge is that so many of us are starving for attention. Supply has outstripped demand.  There is too much and too many chasing a finite amount of our time and money.

There is no status quo, middle ground or place to hide.  You are either making things happen or wondering what happened. 

This dynamic is why we have brought Tony Chapman in as our afternoon Keynote Speaker and then Moderator.  Tony has spent thirty years developing the competitive strategy for clients so that they could make things happen.  He has created global brands and campaigns that have generated billions of dollars in revenue.  He worked with organizations large and small, local and global.  Five years ago he sold his advertising agency and research firm to speak his mind in the media and at conferences around the world.

In his afternoon keynote, he will be faithful to his brand.  You can expect Tony to be provocative, persuasive and passionate.  He will provide his Story Selling formula for making things happen and then offer us ten actionable insights to get the attention of our listeners and our advertisers.

A session not to be missed for any station, or anyone, that wants to 'get heard in the age of noise'.

– Tickets for and details about the OAB Connections 2017 conference this Thursday at the Marriott Toronto Airport Hotel can be found here.

Regulate social media platforms, before it’s too late

Internet intermediaries typically frame their opposition to legislation as protecting freedom of expression, but no right of speech is absolute. This debate is a battle over the control over information: What data should be collected and sold, what content should be permitted online, and who should decide?

Last week the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee grilled senior legal counsel for Facebook, Google and Twitter about their roles in Russian efforts to influence the U.S. election. What they discovered from the executives’ testimony reveals that the companies have few controls on the advertisements and so-called “fake news” that they accept on their platforms – continue reading Natasha Tusikov – U of York Assistant Professor, Criminology ­– in The Conversation

Facebook and Google: The new ‘Net States’

Net-states are digital non-state actors, without the violence. Like nation-states, they’re a wildly diverse bunch. Some are the equivalent to global superpowers: the Googles, the Facebooks, the Twitters. Others are mere gatherings of pranksters, like LulzSec (whose sole purpose for action is “for the lulz”—the laughs). Others still are paramilitary operations, such as GhostSec, an invite-only cyberarmy specifically created to target ISIS. There are also hacktivist collectives like Anonymous and Wikileaks.

Regardless of their differences in size and raison d’etre, net-states of all stripes share three key qualities: They exist largely online, enjoy international devotees, and advance belief-driven agendas that they pursue separate from, and at times, above, the law – Alexis Wichowski, Wired

Trouble in ‘Paradise’

An F1 driver in France, a lord in England, an internationally known Colombian singer and an author in Japan. The Paradise Papers revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have splashed personalities or companies that have resorted to financial schemes in tax havens, most of them perfectly legal, but which have aroused outrage – Le Journal de Montreal

Delivering radios to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico: A first-person account

I recently had the opportunity of a lifetime. I was asked by my employer – the National Association of Broadcasters – to travel to Puerto Rico to help distribute 10,000 battery-operated radios to people in the hurricane-ravaged island and the Virgin Islands.

The idea for the radio hand-out stemmed from a meeting where President and CEO Gordon Smith asked: “What can NAB and our industry do to help?” NAB swung into action, purchasing, shipping and delivering the radios in just 18 days – continue reading Suzie Raven’s story by linking to the headline.

The ‘Move’ is moving on

Denham Jolly’s dream of having Canada’s first urban contemporary radio station has had more twists and turns than a drunk with a slinky toy. The 93.5 FM signal is now owned by Newcap Radio, and the owners have been tweaking the format with various percentages of urban, hip-hop and rhythmic pop to make Torontonians groove to the ‘Move’.

A new sweet spot in a crowded town of radio stations has been conceived by Newcap for its brand, 93.5 The Move (at one time known as ‘Flow’ FM). From the company press release yesterday:

“Newcap Radio is proud to unveil the evolution of 93-5 The Move: Toronto’s Hits. Toronto’s Throwbacks.

“Today (Monday the 6th), we’re expanding our playlist to include contemporary music which has dominated streaming service charts but is not represented on Toronto Radio.

“93-5 The Move will feature artists like Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Yo Gotti, Khalid, Post Malone, Migos, and French Montana.

“In addition, our incredible home-grown talent will be prominently featured on our airwaves, including:

“Drake, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jessie Reyez and Alessia Cara as well as international icons like Rihanna, Jay Z, Beyoncé and Eminem.

“Since launching in 2016, 93-5 The Move has played all the best throwbacks from the 90s to now. These are the great songs that became a soundtrack for a generation which they seldom get to hear on the radio. The best of the best throwbacks will continue to complement our contemporary playlist.

“Listen live at or via our mobile app here.”

…….. And the beat goes on!

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