Polina Grace: Down

Polina Grace - "Down" (Sony): This 22-year-old Montreal-based pop singer/songwriter and model has already made a mark on social media. attracting 22,000+ Instagram fans. She also caught the eye and ear of Sony Music, with the label signing her to a worldwide licensing deal and releasing a debut record she had long worked on independently with renowned Vancouver-based music producer John Webster.

That EP, Down, is now out, and the title track has spawned a slick, action-packed video in which Polina Grace performs all her stunts.  In a press release, the singer recalls that "once the concept was conceived, I began training physically, watching fight videos, and taking lessons at TriStar Gym in Montreal to learn proper kickboxing and MMA moves. My coach pushed me to my limit every training session and instilled a sense of a “fighter” in me. The amount of time I had to train was only about two or three weeks prior, but I learned some of the fundamentals of the MMA craft which prepped me for the next phase — stunt training.”

The song itself showcases Grace's strong yet breathy vocals set to a big-budget production sound.

Discussing the album, she observes that "every song is representative of strength and very personal to me. I believe in being the protagonist of your own life, and that is what I’m looking to portray with my songs, lyrics, production, and visuals. It’s all about empowering people — especially young women — to pursue their dreams and to ‘give up on giving up. It’s about not letting anyone drag them ‘down’ and to cast doubts and haters away by leaving them ‘in the shade.’”

Eric Alper is handling her press.

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