Kardinal Offishall, Pree and Joey Montana
Kardinal Offishall, Pree and Joey Montana

Kardinal Offishall: Winner (feat. Celebrity Marauders, Joey Montana and Pree)

Kardinal Offishall - "Winner (feat. Celebrity Marauders, Joey Montana and Pree)" (Our Dreams/Empire/Universal Music Canada): He is regularly (and deservedly) termed a pioneer of Canadian hip-hop, but there is plenty of creative juice left in the tank of Toronto native Kardinal Offishall..

He recently launched a new creative collective, Celebrity Marauders, described in a press release as "a platform for discovering and showcasing a diverse circle of talents who will feature on his new EP Kardinal Presents Celebrity Marauders."

The EP is coming out next year, while the lead single “Winner”, was released on Friday. Co-written and produced by Kardinal, it features Latin reggaeton superstar Joey Montana (whose "Picky" single and video enjoys streams and views in the billions), and Toronto newcomer Pree (EMP), with additional production by Yogi and writing by Cris Chil and Andy Clay.

Credit Kardi with astutely observing the global rise of the reggaeton sound, and coming up with an infectious cut with high potential to become a commercial "Winner." Atop staccato beats, it features a neatly contrasting mix of vocal styles from the three principals.

Kardinal Presents Celebrity Marauders will fuse collaborations with well-known creators and fresh newcomers joining forces with Kardinal on all facets of the project from the music right down to the album artwork. The EP will launch as a dual release with Spanish versions of each record capturing Kardinal’s signature international beats. “I've always incorporated Caribbean sounds into my music, and now that it’s sonically being celebrated around the world, it’s the best time to fuse it together and incorporate the infectious energy of Latin music as well," he explains.

Dalton Higgins is handling press.

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