Hedley & Slaight Family Foundation Surprise Students With $10K In Instruments

Hedley surprised students earlier this month with $10,000 in new musical instruments through the MusiCounts Band Aid Program, thanks to the support of the Slaight Family Foundation.

Students at Queen Alexandra School in Toronto were thrilled with the gift, awed in having an opportunity to participate in a music workshop with the band and beaming with pleasure in having the "Invincible" quartet put on an intimate performance in the school gym.

Several other schools were in attendance, having received instruments through The Slaight Family Foundation's generous support of the MusiCounts Band Aid Program. The MusiCounts Band Aid Program supplies musical instruments and equipment to school music programs in need.

In the accompanying video, Ali Slaight takes the lead and then it's Jacob Hoggard and his Juno-winning bandmates who get into the act with an audience of awed students and an appreciative faculty.

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