Massari: Number One

Massari -“Number One” featuring Tory Lanez (Universal Music Canada):  2018 could be a crucial career year for Massari. The Lebanese-Canadian R&B and pop singer has already enjoyed considerable international success, with videos for earlier 2017 tracks “So Long” and “Done Da Da”, attracting over 60 million views on YouTube. Both records hit top 5 R&B charts in over 10 markets including Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Middle East and more, while “Done Da Da” alone hit #1 on Shazam across Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Massari has paid his dues, first breaking in Canada with his self-titled album in 2005, and later going gold with 2013 album Brand New Day. He has yet to have a significant impact in the US, but that could change as his current album, Beirut, will be his first to get a push in the market.

This brand new video and single features rising-star Toronto rapper Tory Lanez. The cut is produced by DaHeala, Moon Willis and Sad Money, while the album also features production input from DanjaHandz, Afrojack, and Nasri, plus collaborations with Beenie Man, Shaggy, and more.

The track is a slow and sensual jam, fitting lyrics like "I'm a fan of your style, I can tell that you're wild." The vocal styles of Massari and Lanez are neatly complementary, the production is sparse and clean, and the video is artfully shot.

Massari is managed by SAL&CO/Maverick. There are no tour dates set as yet.

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