This Guy Loves Voice Tracking!

This guy loves voice tracking

All things being equal, local personalities win, but all things aren't equal. Listeners don't really care where a broadcast originates from. If the only thing live-and-local personalities do is say "we're live-and-local," what's the point if the actual content is so generic it could come from anywhere? That's not local. The audience looks for entertainment that makes them smile, engages them and makes them feel something. If the personality who does that also happens to be local, it's a bonus. But just being local doesn't win. If it did, Amazon wouldn't be able to take business away from local retailers.

I'm not against voice tracking at all. In fact, I love it if it's used properly. The problem is that, because it's efficient, broadcasters are asking too much of some voice trackers. They can't put on a good show because they've tracking five other shows in different markets, formats and time slots. They're going through the motions, just checking it off a list of things to do. But using the technology to time-shift or make it more efficient can be a very effective way to communicate. I'm working with some shows now that have begun performing their show an hour early, recording most of their breaks. They can then polish, edit or re-perform it. They can still come on and do live breaks for contests, games or take phone calls as needed. This also gives them time during the show to interact on social media. This is a great way to use voice tracking…

– Tracy Johnson, Tracy Johnson Media Group, as published in All Access Music Group

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