L-R: Michael Bublé, Bruce Allen and Bryan Adams
L-R: Michael Bublé, Bruce Allen and Bryan Adams

Bruce Allen's Advice To Young Managers

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a young manager today?


"When someone who’s been in the game a while takes time to talk to you, just listen.

"Also, you gotta trust each other. I have never, never, never had an act under contract. When I left Martina McBride, there were no lawsuits, no nothing, I was gone. I’ve had acts, like Tom Cochrane, where I just couldn’t work with this person anymore. No contract is gonna hold that together. I don’t need to sign a contract with anyone.

"I don’t have side deals, I look after my people and I’ve never had any complaints. Listen, if I wasn’t able to do the job, I’m sure I’d be fired. But I don’t care what anybody says, my track record speaks for itself.

"I’ve been here a long time, I’ve broken five acts, I don’t need to sign a contract, I shake your hand and that’s good enough for me."

Manager Bruce Allen in an interview published Jan. 15 by Music Business Worldwide

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