Bentwood Rocker with Rick Scott of Scott Sound (at the head of the table).
Bentwood Rocker with Rick Scott of Scott Sound (at the head of the table).

Bentwood Rocker Revival Includes Multiple Albums And A Retrospective

It’s true of alcohol, perfume, and jalapeños. Can music also ever be too much of a good thing? The world shall discover with the advent of three (three!) new CDs (CDs!?) from Can-rock vets Bentwood Rocker, a band Klaatu fans can follow without fear of compromise. The new triumvirate (also available digitally) complements a previously released Bentwood Rocker from-the-vaults compilation boxset. Yes, really.

The quintet from Belleville, ON — begun as a studio project-slash-covers band in 1977 before morphing into a group crafting original material — continues performing and recording 40 years hence.

Capitalizing on a dossier boasting eight albums, multiple singles, international tours and an enviable knack for obscurity, Bentwood Rocker recently and simultaneously released Take One, Take Two, and Take Three, spearheaded by the single “Coming Home” and its accompanying “living room” performance video “shot in a rehearsal space decorated with posters, photos, and memorabilia reflecting [the band’s] heritage while moving to the present and into the future.” Check it out below.

Between them, Bentwood Rockers Dan Thompson (lead vocals, guitar), Eric Baragar (guitar, keys, songs), Mike Goettler (bass, backing vocals), Barry Haggarty (lead guitar) and Steve Smith (drummer, backup vocals) have real and tangential connections to everyone from BTO to The Band (plus legendary producer Jack Richardson), so you know this’ll sizzle more than their namesake vintage bum-rest would suggest. Stay tuned.  


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