“God’s Plan” Has Drake Splashing $1M On Surprised Miami Residents

The long-awaited video, released Friday morning, showcases the Toronto native’s giving spree in the city earlier this month. “The budget for this video was $996,631. 90,” the opening title card says. “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”

The video interlaces the voices and images of locals with those of Drake and the beneficiaries of his donations.

At the University of Miami — clad in a black Hurricanes hoodie — he sings for a crowd of hundreds and surprises one student, Destiny James, with a $50,000 check. At Miami Senior High School, he is again greeted by a massive group of students, sings among them, and donates $25,000.

At Sabor Tropical Supermarket in North Beach, Drake is seen climbing on a check-out counter speaking through a megaphone: “Anything you guys want in the store is free,” he says, followed by shots of shoppers piling their grocery carts high.

The video flashes scenes from the city of Miami: barbershops in Little Haiti, streets, people walking, a man at a bus stop. It also features snippets of Drake’s giving spree that were previously not known. The Miami Fire Department got a $20,000 check. Several families got stacks of cash — the recipients screaming when they saw Drake and crying when he hands them his donation. Two young people got cars. – Continue reading Chabeli Herrera’s story in the Miami Herald

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