Aphrose: Move On

Aphrose - 'Move On' (Indie): New soul artists these days favour the addition of a contemporary production sound to their material, but this fast-emerging talent prefers an old school approach.

That is showcased on this new single, a genuine tour de force marking Torontonian Aphrose (real name a.k.a Joanna Mohammed) as one to watch closely. It is impossible to overlook Amy Winehouse as a reference point for this track, and in a recent interview Aphrose cited her inspirations for the song as "Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, Amy Winehouse’s lyrical honesty and Quentin Tarantino soundtracks."

Her powerhouse voice delivers the song's message with conviction, while female backing vocals, a resonant guitar twang, and analogue recording techniques are employed judiciously by producer Scott McCannell. An accompanying video directed by Michael Tobin is genuinely empowering.

In a press bio, the singer explains that "this is not your average love song about relationships between two people, but rather about the love a person finds when they realize their self-worth. 'Move On' is that feeling you get when you finally become aware that you've had enough of barriers like hate and fear and you're not going to let those walls hold you back anymore.’

Aphrose has worked with the likes of Daniel Caesar, Lee Fields & The Expressions, and Nikki Yanofsky, and has learned well.

Look for her to move on upwards with the song if it gets the exposure it deserves. Word is she is working on an EP, and we want to hear more very soon.

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