Win Butler and band accepting the first of two Juno awards.
Win Butler and band accepting the first of two Juno awards.

Arcade Fire's Triumphant Weekend In Words & Pictures

Arcade Fire has waived the Canadian flag globally and earned the respect of fans and rock’s top echelon for their collective spirit, willingness to experiment and ability to fund-raise for worthwhile causes. They are emblematic of everything that is good about this country and this past weekend the band’s members were honoured with the International Achievement Award (Saturday) and on the Sunday telecast with the Juno Album of the Year Award (for their fifth album, Everything Now).

On stage Saturday, surrounded by his bandmates, frontman Win Butler Butler offered advice to artists starting out.

“I’m so grateful to be on this stage with some of my best friends and this beautiful group of people," he said. "I think one of the most important things in life is to try and surround yourself with people that are more talented than you and better than you and smarter than you at all times. So that’s what our band is: Everyone that I can think of that was much better than me…"

Below is the acceptance speech made Saturday night, followed by the band’s performance Sunday on the Juno telecast.

Arcade Fire receiving the International Achievement Award, Saturday evening at Rogers Convention Centre in Vancouver


The night following performing “Everything Now” on the Juno Awards’ telecast


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