CIMA Outlines Opportunities Across South America

A Continent of Opportunities: Canadian Independent Music in the Latin American Market’ explores the most profitable and structured market opportunities across Latin and South America for Canadian independent artists.

The Analyses offer a 10-country-guide on the radio, festivals and music companies that make markets tick in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico.

The study revealed that Latin America as a whole for the fifth consecutive year had the highest level of growth in recorded music revenues. Digital revenues in Latin America rose 44.5%, more than four times the global average while streaming income increased by 80.4%.

The report also noted that Argentina has the second largest recorded music market in Latin America after Brazil, while the music market had a trade value of US$141.6 million in 2015, 58% of which came from performing rights. Additional key findings include the use of streaming services has seen an increase of 34.8% since 2015, with Spotify being the leading streaming platform in Argentina. The most popular genres as shown in the study in Argentina include electronic and roots, indie and psychedelic rock, afrobeat and dance roots.

Download file from the CIMA website here.

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