Myles Goodwyn - ‘Nobody Lies (About Having The Blues)’

Myles Goodwyn – ‘Nobody Lies (About Having The Blues)’ Ft. Jack De Keyzer (Northern Goody Two Tunes, Linus Ent.): Like Burton Cummings, April Wine’s prolific songwriter has successfully played both sides of the fence penning and performing a wow-sized folio of rebar rockers and heartstring ballads. ‘Nobody Lies’ is the second teaser track from the recently released Myles Goodwyn & Friends Of The Blues album, following February's release of the rollicking guitar-laced wordplay, “I Hate To See You Go (But I Love To Watch You Walk Away).”

As on his first (self-titled) solo album, released 30 years ago, everything about this project screams 'perfectionist at work'.

Having decided to record this collection of blues originals, Goodwyn reached out to a notable cast of musicians to authenticate the project. Besides De Keyzer, the album also features appearances by Garrett Mason, David Wilcox, Amos Garrett, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Frank Marino, and Rick Derringer.

The blues is Chicago-style and the musicians load-in like old friends playing without the clock running or implied pressure to create hit songs. The result of his approach to recording is a bitchin’ album packed with great songs and striking performances.

Goodwyn has achieved a high level of success, but he has never really been given his just reward. Going it alone (with friends) and stepping beyond his legacy could be the best thing he's done in years. Whether this album hits its mark commercially is a moot point. Anyone listening to it will recognise his understated genius. Goodwyn is a compelling songwriter, masterful musician, and a natural-born band leader and he shines on this gem. Having sold out Orleans Casino in Las Vegas a few nights ago, he has a trio of sold-out casino dates next month in Yorkton, Calgary and Winnipeg and returns to Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville on the 25th.


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