Nora 'the piano cat'
Nora 'the piano cat'

Forget AI, Musicians Need To Be Scared Of ...Cats!

It’s not an easy life being a professional musician today.

The clubs and live spaces that once peppered the landscape like confetti at a wedding are now fewer and fewer, and the pay has gone from decent to indecently little.

Worse, the new AI frontier promises to suspend a  score of composers and a quiver of lyricists–and now comes a new threat to working musicians. An uneducated feline, who can't tell the difference between a bass clef and a crochet who threatens to toss a fleet of pianists in the doghouse.

It's enough to make one quaver.

Meet Nora, a sassy, uneducated grimalkin whose paws can cattivate an orchestra. Talented? You decide, but this fluff piece can't read music or compose a tune, and we're guessing she works for scale. That's fish scales, by the way.

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