New Program Offers ON Students Rescued Instruments

IA new $3M three-year program announced Wednesday partners Music Canada with the Government of Ontario to help increase the inventory of musical instruments in Ontario’s publicly funded schools with rescued and refurbished ones.

The creative initiative is made possible through a $3 million investment by the Government of Ontario over a period of three years. The Honourable Indira Naidoo-Harris, Minister of Education, and Amy Terrill, Executive Vice President, Music Canada made the announcement at St. Joseph's College School in Toronto.

“Studying music and art leads to creative and enriching learning experiences,” says Minister Naidoo-Harris. “This innovative program helps students grow and develop a greater sense of well-being. We’re pleased to be working with Music Canada on this important commitment that supports music education and gives students new opportunities to explore.”

“Music education delivers a power pack of benefits, preparing young people for careers, not just in music but any profession requiring creativity and problem-solving,” says Terrill. “With top-notch instruments, we can remove one more obstacle standing in the way of quality music education for all young people no matter where they live or their economic circumstances.”

The Three R’s Music Program/Le Programme musical des trois R will put more instruments in classrooms throughout the province through three stages: it will rescue damaged ones from Ontario’s schools or communities, restore them to working order, and reunite them with young people.

Music Canada will partner with various organizations to deliver on the promise. These include MusiCounts, ArtsCan Circle, and the Coalition for Music Education. Stakeholders from the Ontario Fire Service, including the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFMEM) and the Ontario Professional Firefighters Association (OPFFA), have also agreed to offer support and outreach into communities and schools.

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