Music Canada Releases New Report Prior To CMW's Music Cities Summit

Serving as a successor to the 2015 study The Mastering of a Music City, Music Canada has released a follow-up report, Keys to a Music City: Examining the Merits of Music Offices, Boards and Night Mayors.

Released in time for Canadian Music Week's third annual Music Cities Summit, the Music Canada report, authored by the organization's Executive Vice President Amy Terrill and Policy Analyst Ramlah Ismail, the document examines the roles that music officers, music advisory board, music organization and Night Mayors are utilized in different locales around the world.

The report also offers 10 key lessons learned by experts as a roadmap to a Music City's success, including how:

  • Political champions are key

  • Strong outside advocates are instrumental

  • Securing the trust and cooperation of the music community is essential.

For more details, head here to download the report.

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