SamaritanMag Spotlights Tegan And Sara

Tegan And Sara are sending more than 100 young people to LGBTQ camp this summer in the U.S. and Canada for a total cost of about US$100,000 and have invited the public to help make that dream a reality. An onine campaign has received swift support in a matter of days.

The musical twins behind such hits as "Closer" and "Everything is AWESOME!!!" announced on May 11 they'd be raising $20,000 USD through a partnership between their Tegan And Sara Foundation and the Ally Coalition so these LGBTQ young people can script out their own Meatballs / Wet Hot American Summer / Camp Rock / Scooby Doo: Scare Camp experience.

As of May 18 the campaign had raised just over $28,600 USD of it's $20,000 goal.

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