Long Branch: Rising Tide

Long Branch: "Rising Tide" (DWR Records): This new-ish Toronto combo releases its debut full-length album, Found The Setting Sun, today (May 25). It has been preceded by three advance singles,  "Lilacs," "Ash," and now "Rising Tide." The three cuts show the stylistic versatility of the group, one able to switch seamlessly through folk, country, psych, and rock idioms.

Having multiple vocalists adds to this diversity. It is Laura Pitkanen who takes the lead on "Rising Tide," one of their most rock compositions. There's a classic feel to the sound of the ringing guitars, and vocal harmonies beef things up further. This is rock 'n roll played with passion and skill.

Long Branch may be new, but its members have distinguished pedigrees. Drummer Don Pyle's resume includes Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Phono-Comb, King Cobb Steelie, and Fifth Column, guitarist/vocalist Lisa Myers and bassist/vocalist Sally Lee were in Chicken Milk and Venus Cures All, and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist D'arcy Good is in The Good Family.

The band has quickly made a mark on the T.O. circuit and is clearly ready for prime time. Long Branch will launch the new record with shows at Hamilton's This Ain't Hollywood (May 31), Toronto's Baby G (June 1), Owen Sound's Heartwood (June 8, with Jerry Leger), and Flesherton, ON (June 9)


Label: Dan Winkley dan@dwrecs.com


Publicity: Mar Sellars Mar On Music mar@maronmusic.com



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