Kate Boothman: I Am An Animal

Kate Boothman - "I Am An Animal" (Indie): Toronto-born singer/songwriter Kate Boothman is now based in Kendal, ON, along with her beloved horses. Under the name Sunbear, she earned rave reviews for her 2009 album Moonbath, recorded by Greg Keelor.

It had a psychedelia-tinged country/folk sound, while her recent album I Am An Animal, released under her name, retains the psych and folk elements. This title track adds fiery rock 'n roll to the mix, in compelling fashion. Atop insistent and ringing guitars, Boothman gets in touch with her animal side, boldly declaring herself "ready to conquer, ready to rule the world."

She recently told Canadian Beats that “’I Am An Animal’ is a song about letting go. Relinquishing the reins and honouring those parts of ourselves that can sometimes seem insane. It’s all a part of the ride. Ryan Gullen, Mat Dunlap, Neil (my horse) and I shot the video in Kendal, Ontario, where I’m from. It was an hour after the first snowfall of the winter, and it took us all morning.”

Those contributing to her album include Loel Campbell and Tim D'Eon (Wintersleep), Anna Ruddick, Maia Davies, James McKenty, Greg Keelor, Aaron Goldstein, Champagne James Robertson, Julie Fader and Graham Walsh, while her current live band includes Ian Blurton, Goldstein, Danny Miles, and Anna Ruddick. Boothman played an NXNE show at The Rivoli last night and will play select dates over the summer, including the Wolfe Island Festival on Aug. 11.



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