Nielsen Canada 360 Music Report Findings

Nielsen Music has just released its 5th annual study that offers a goldmine of actionable data from a sample group of more than 1,500 nationwide.

To access the full report with expanded insights, contact; meantime, a 15-page summary highlighting some key data can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Among the findings we unearthed from an initial preview of the data:

– 93% of teens and 91% of millennials are streaming music online, compared to 71% of all Canadian listeners.

– Close to 70% of teens are listening using smartphones, 28% using tablets and 21% using branded headphones.

– Teens and millennials are equal in their adoption of paying for a music streaming service, at 34%.

–  Among all Canadian music listeners, 66% listen to the radio to discover new music, 43% report discovery on streaming services and 36% from acquaintances.

–Terrestrial channels remain king, with 58% of music listeners listening to “over-the-air” radio at least once in a typical week (including 70% of listeners aged 45-54).

– Digital radio has limited penetration, with 7% of listeners tuning in in a typical week, and 6% streaming live broadcast radio from an app or website. Part of that relatively low adoption may be due to wireless-carrier contracts: 43% of the sample group said they would be interested in listening to AM/FM radio on a smartphone if it had no impact on their data plan.

– The top 5 places where people are streaming radio are:

1: 70% at home

2: 40% in the car

3: 27% at work

4: 11% on public transport

5: 10% at the gym

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