Audience Insights' Jeff Vidler
Audience Insights' Jeff Vidler

New Data On Podcasting Growth In Canada

Gone are the days when radio, television and one’s collection of music more or less accounted for all of one’s leisure time with media.

Audience’s attention is increasingly fragmented, and it is biting into the mainstream media of old. One of the fastest growing sectors in today's cluttered media landscape is podcasting.

Following up on last year's in-depth study on podcasting in Canada, with The Canadian Podcast Listener 2018, Audience Insights’ Jeff Vidler provides us with a taste of what’s in store with the release of the latest findings that are to be published later this year.

 “We're just out of the field, and we wanted to share some fresh top-line results from an initial survey of 3,118 Canadian adults. It confirms that podcast listening is indeed growing in Canada.

"Most important, while we see modest growth on awareness and sampling, we see even greater growth among Canadians who are digging into podcasting and making it a regular weekly habit."

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