Aussie Content Regs Under Review

The Australian content quota of 25% for commercial radio is “not only achievable but internationally reasonable.”

That was the thrust of PRO APRA AMCOS testimony at an August 1 Senate inquiry into quotas for radio and streaming, held in Sydney.

APRA AMCOS was the first association to make its statement and answer questions, represented by CEO Dean Ormston and its head of legal, corporate & policy Jonathan Carter.

They looked at the huge international success of Canadian artists as Drake, Justin Bieber and Celine Dion who have benefitted from a 35% Canadian music quota.

“APRA AMCOS’ concern is that under the current code radio broadcasters are able to self-categorise the quota for different formats.”

For instance, classic rock format only has a 20% quota, gold is 15% and easy listening 10%.

These are, Ormston said, “out-dated and arbitrary in nature” and he stated that all commercial formats should have to work with the 25% quota across the board.

He added, “Part of the problem is that there is not really a framework that provides any independent thought or assessment (for such decisions).

“So that would certainly be useful.”

As for the streaming space, Ormston pointed out, “We need to take a more creative approach.

“It is not a linear medium like radio.

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