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Media Beat: September 24, 2018

CKNT Mississauga in testing phase

Seven years following approval to operate an AM in the city bordering Toronto, Elliott Kerr’s dream of an English language news/talk station in the populous city is one step closer, only so far it is in test mode with a format offering pre-taped music from the ‘50s through the ‘80s. This has the crew at stirred up and speculating in that droll fashion the radio board has become best known for.

Corus Radio through the looking glass

Brian Cook offers his assessment and a tear or two over a series of changes that have occurred over the Corus Radio network this year. It’s a sobering read about the new reality broadcast owners face today in trying to make the financial numbers work. – Puget Sound Radio

Jian Ghomeshi and the perils of the non-apology apology

For too many men, from observers to the accused, the primary focus of #MeToo has always been on male redemption. How quickly can they rally? What about their reputations? Can their careers be saved? Do they deserve the vast outpouring of hate and scorn? – Lauren McKeon, The Walrus

Setting the stage for the biggest TV deal in hockey history

The Globe and Mail excerpts part of David Shoalts’ new book, Hockey Night in Canada: The Big Media Faceoff over the NHL

Comcast demonstrates Sky-high ambition in global media shake-up

U.S. cable giant Comcast scored a big win in the scramble for media assets by beating Rupert Murdoch, and his backer Disney, in the battle for Sky with an eye-watering $40 billion bid. – Reuters

Next Radio Conference: 5 takeaways

The reason why radio is still in good health is that it succeeds in creating a connection with people. You can build a sense of trust, be bold, authentic, tell stories that listeners can identify with and react. The listeners’ ears are always on; people want to understand and be understood… – Teodora Agarici, Medium

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