Danielle Bourjeaurd: Bigger Glass ft Gord Bamford

Danielle Bourjeaurd: "Bigger Glass ft Gord Bamford" (ole red dot): Country singer/songwriter Bourjeaurd has proven adept at catching the ear of some major Canadian stars. She made an impact a few years back by collaborating with Tom Cochrane on the hit song "Sunday Afternoon Hang" (one she co-wrote), and this new single features Gord Bamford.

In a press release, the vivacious vocalist explains that "I have been a very big fan of Gord for several years. "When Your Lips Are So Close" has to be one of the best songs and performances ever released by a Canadian country artist and his latest "Dive Bar" has me and my girlfriends dancing! When I heard he liked my voice and my writing I was blown away and then to hear that he'd do a duet with me on "Bigger Glass", well I almost died!"

The results are impressive, as the two stars trade verses and harmonise effectively on a tune featuring whiskey as the cure for post-breakup pain  -- "I'm dusting off the vinyl, breaking out the good stuff tonight." The vocals are virile and convincing, and this sounds like a potential hit.

The winner of the Best Emerging Artist Award at Toronto Indie Week 2017, Bourjeaurd has been living, working and writing in Nashville for the past five years, writing with veterans like Frank Myers, Odie Blackmon and Roger Springer to more recent hit makers like Leslie Satcher, Emily Hackett, Davis Corley, Summer Overstreet, and Canadians Aaron Pritchett and Ian Janes.

Good news for fans of this song is that Bourjeaurd joins Bamford's national coast-to-coast tour in November/December for the Ontario & Eastern leg, performing the duet with him. 





Management: Frank Davies  frankdavies@sympatico.ca

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