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Devin Townsend And InsideOut Music Ink A New Record Deal

Internationally-acclaimed Canadian prog-rock guitarist/singer Devin Townsend is celebrating 20 years of working with the InsideOut Music label. Together, they have released studio albums under his solo guise, Devin Townsend Project & Casualties of Cool, as well as live releases recorded at landmark shows. A brand new contract has just been signed, one covering the release of new albums including the forthcoming Empath in 2019.

In a label press release, Townsend notes that “In an industry that is tenuous at best, we need to make alliances. In opposition to the old ideas of 'us against them' when the discussions turn to art vs commerce, we need allies. I have been an independent artist for many years, and 20 of those years have been with InsideOut Music, years that have defined me as an artist. It’s a pleasure to re-sign with them for my newest works."

InsideOut label-head Thomas Waber comments: "For me, Devin is one of the most important and outstanding leftfield artists out there today. In a musical climate where formats triumph over artistic freedom, Devin's visions are refreshing and a much-needed breath of fresh air. I am truly excited about the new album Empath and wherever else Devin will take us over the coming years!"

The Devin Townsend Project recently released a live album, Ocean Machine – Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv’, recorded in Bulgaria last year.

Townsend's varied back catalogue is being celebrated with lavish vinyl box-sets under the name of Eras. Dec. 7 sees the release of Eras - Vinyl- Part 3 (a 10 LP box-set), which features some of his most recent work with Devin Townsend Project, including the albums Accelerated Evolution, Epicloud, Sky Blue, and Transcendence, and the first ever vinyl release of the second part of the DTP’s now legendary Royal Albert Hall show. 

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