From his Facebook page: Suzanne Le Bach with hubby Sebastian Bach.
From his Facebook page: Suzanne Le Bach with hubby Sebastian Bach.

Sebastian Bach and Wife Get Behind Medical Pot Extract For Kids

Rock singer Sebastian Bach has been posting online to his nearly 900,000 Facebook followers about a cause his wife, Suzanne, has got behind after learning about six-year-old Sophie Ryan whose brain tumor “was destroyed” and vision saved after taking high doses of cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

CBD oil is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis with no psychotropic effects. Medical cannabis is legal in 30 states, to varying degrees. In Canada, for more than 15 years, medical marijuana can be legally prescribed to anyone, of any age.

“My wife has a real cool cause going on, and we need your support. A little girl needs our help,” Sebastian wrote, sharing Suzanne’s post underneath. “Hey, Guys! We really need your help supporting a great charity called Saving Sophie that’s raising money to expand on pediatric and adult cancer research. The founder started this research after her daughter Sophie had her second brain surgery for a tumor she was born with and has been battling for five years!”

Bach, a Canadian based in Los Angeles and currently on a North American tour until late November, donated some VIP concert tickets and signed items to The Journey To Find The Cure raffle, part of a big charity event last night at the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to help raise funds for further research.

“This interests me because my husband, Sebastian, lost his dad [celebrated painter David Bierk] to bone marrow cancer and leukemia, at age 57,” Suzanne Bierk told Samaritanmag. “Sebastian and I learned that Sophie uses medical cannabis as part of her treatment. We wanted to bring awareness to the cause because we believe that cannabis has proven to have positive, health effects in cancer patients.”

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