Rachael Bawn, Facebook
Rachael Bawn, Facebook

Singer and Former Youth Leader Rachel Bawn On Anti-Cyberbullying Tour of High Schools

Rachael Bawn released an anti-cyber-bullying song and video “Daggers” earlier this year and is currently on a 33-date youth empowerment tour of Canadian high schools in the East Coast and Ontario that ends Dec. 10.

“Daggers” is one of three songs Bawn, who signed recording and publishing deals with BMG in May, is performing at the schools during an hour-long presentation in conjunction with Live Different, a Hamilton, Ontario-based charity which over 18 years has visited 3500 schools, reached 1.5 million students, built over 500 homes/schools, and mentored more than 4500 students/interns/volunteers.

"From the very beginning, we have been passionate about making a difference people’s lives through our youth empowerment presentations, our humanitarian build programs, and our leadership development opportunities," it states on the Live Different web site.

“There’s a speaking component and a music component,” Bawn tells Samaritanmag of the team that visits schools. “We have speakers that talk about different things in their lives, and then I come in with a few songs during the presentation. It’s really special for the kids because they’re hearing multiple stories and will hopefully able to find something that they can relate to, either a speaker or my songs.“

The Oakville, Ontario-based singer-songwriter says the lyric stems more from third-party experience – continue reading Nick Krewen’s feature about Bawn in SamaritanMag.

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