SISAC president and composer, Jean Michel Jarre.
SISAC president and composer, Jean Michel Jarre.

Artist Earnings Rise To $10.8B Globally

Music, video and other artists are earning a record $10.8 billion in royalties a year, according to figures released last week. Yet the artists say that they deserve still more and they will fight for it.  The figures from International Confederation of Authors and Composers (CISAC) are coupled with a call for action to prevent copyright abuse.

In a swipe at digital services, the CISAC industry group’s Director-General Gadi Oron said that artists “are fighting for the best licensing terms and the highest royalties possible in a world where powerful users are determined to avoid, or minimize, paying a fair return for their work.”

In September 2018, the European Parliament supported a new EU Copyright Directive on the digital market. The internet worldwide may face a major shake-up as a result. Paul McCartney and many musicians are strongly in favour. They are pitted against Web giants Google, YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia.

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