Virginia To Vegas: Yesterday

Virginia To Vegas - "Yesterday" (Wax Records): This track from the Canadian indie-pop singer/songwriter has been gaining traction at radio, and momentum should increase with the release of an eye-catching new video.

The clip was directed by the artist ( real name Derik Baker), along with his longtime creative director Justin Alexis (That Good Graphic), and takes viewers on the journey of a short-lived romance. 

Commenting on the single and the video in a label press release, the singer/songwriter remarked, “Creating the video for ‘Yesterday’ was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in music thus far. Justin and I started planning the video a few months ago, and we wanted to create something that felt like a movie. We wanted the video to have a Bonnie and Clyde feel to it, but were also inspired by the ominous and subtle tones of Black Mirror.

"We gave ourselves three days to film the video in Los Angeles and, being a small team of two, we had to learn to roll with the punches quickly. I think what we ended up with was something different than what we expected, but it was fun to see the video take on a mind of its own. Really excited for everyone to see it, and hope everyone watching it enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

The song itself has a restrained feel befitting the theme of a love affair turned sour: "we bring the worst out of each other." Baker's vocals are subtle and wistful, and are set to sparse and skittering beats.

Born in the US and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Baker is now based in Toronto. He has released gold and platinum-certified singles, "We Are Stars", "Lights Out," and "Selfish," and put out a debut studio album, Utopian, in 2016. His songs have received over 60 million streams worldwide, and he also made a mark by co-writing and producing Blackbear’s hit single “IDWK." Baker recently entered into a new partnership with Astralwerks. 







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