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Media Beat: December 19, 2018

What Was Said

“While the new lower-cost data-only plans represent a step in the right direction and provide more choice for Canadians, we remain concerned by the overall condition of the market. To this end, the review we will launch next year will look at the state of mobile wireless competition more broadly.

"Further, the commission expects that the lower-cost data-only plans will be available at least until a decision is issued with respect to the review of mobile wireless services. The withdrawal of any of these plans prior to the conclusion of that review may inform the commission's views on appropriate regulatory measures resulting from that proceeding." – CRTC Chair Ian Scott

Right Hand Man, by Phil Lind

Ted Rogers’ confidant, quarterback and adviser, Phil Lind, appeared on The Agenda with host Steve Paikin to pump his published memoir, “Right Hand Man: How Phil Lind Guided the Genius of Ted Rogers, Canada's Foremost Entrepreneur."

CRTC gives Bell Media a month to pay tangible benefits shortfall

The CRTC has ordered Bell Media to pay over $400K in outstanding tangible benefits after denying the broadcaster’s request to overturn an earlier decision. –

New podcast explores 1965 bombing that killed 52 people on board a flight from Vancouver

Following in the investigative footsteps of Uncover’s debut season, the CBC podcast series “Bomb on Board” takes a fresh look at the investigation into a case that still leaves unresolved who placed the device and who exactly was behind this deadly attack on innocents. – Lindsay William-Ross, Vancouver Courier

Deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash chosen by media as Story of the Year

The Canadian Press annual survey of newsrooms across the country saw 53 out of 129 editors cast their votes for the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in rural Saskatchewan as the most compelling story of 2018.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in October came a close second with 51 votes.

New polls show the only Canadians who love Justin Trudeau are the media

Ezra Levant rants on The Rebel Media site, citing all manner of sources to support his patented political bias. Included in his protestations, that Jr. has made Canada more hostile to immigration than America under POTUS, and the assertion that the PM “is now calling us Nazis.”

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