Update: Bublé ‘Christmas’ Album Sells 14.3M Copies Globally

At the top of the new year, we reported that Michael Buble’s 'Christmas' album had sold north of 12-million copies around the world since its release in 2011. In a manner of speaking we were correct; but, because of the holidays, we had no way of verifying the latest number. Manager Bruce Allen updates us:

“Thank you for the mention of the Bublé "Christmas" sales.

“However, unlike most things that are overhyped (ticket sales, CD sales etc.) the number you used which was "technically" correct (we are north of 12M sold) but it would have been more correct and infinitely more impressive if you gave out the real numbers, which are north of 14M. In fact, 14.3M is the number.

“Thank you for the correction.”

What is most impressive here is the fact the 14.3M number is based on hard sales and hard dollars. Congrats, Mr. Bublé, and thank you Bruce for letting the record stand corrected.

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