Neon Dreams: High School Dropout

Neon Dreams - "High School Dropout" (Dreaming Out Loud/Warner Music Canada): This Halifax group broke through with 2016's gold-certified track "Marching Bands," and has since trimmed down to a duo comprising singer Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris.

Following two EPs, To You and the conceptually-ambitious Wolf, Princess & Me, Neon Dreams is readying the release of a debut full-length album early this year (release date TBA). The ND sound is an eclectic mix of pop and EDM elements, spearheaded by Kadillac's warm vocal style, and this new single has a decidedly radio-friendly disposition.

There is an interesting backstory to "High School Dropout," a song that a press release explains "is dedicated to all of the creators and dreamers out there facing the same challenges Frank Kadillac once did. During his teenage years, Frank struggled with his grades and often felt ashamed of his academic shortcomings. Believing he was a failure, he dropped out of school and searched for an education outside of the conventional institutions."

In the fall, Kadillac posted his feelings on the situation on his Instagram account, and the strong response to the post inspired him to write "High School Dropout." He stresses that "it is not a song telling kids it's okay to quit, it's a song encouraging them to explore all of the options to make their dreams come true."

The tune is co-written by Nathan Ferraro and co-produced by Michael Wise, the team behind Bulow's "Not A Love Song" and Johnny Orlando's "What If." It's an upbeat track with a catchy chorus on which Kadillac reflects on success being the best revenge: "Just a burnout, tell me who's laughing now."

The duo plays five shows in Western Canada, Feb. 17-21. Details here






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