Photo: Dustin Rabin
Photo: Dustin Rabin

Hawksley Workman: Lazy

Hawksley Workman -"Lazy" (Isadora Records): One thing this prolific singer/songwriter/producer is never been accused of is being lazy. He is readying the release of a new solo album, Median Age Wasteland, due out March 1, while his "supergroup" side project Mounties delivers its new record, Heavy Meta, in May.

In a press release accompanying this new single, Workman explains that "I’ve always had this constant hunger to innovate, reevaluate what I do, and keep remaking it to confuse myself and maybe confuse my audience. This time, I’m just committing to writing focused and honest songs, which feels like the most interesting thing I can do right now."

He goes on to describe "Lazy" this way: "It’s an exploration of love and memories. Childlike images of winter and school portables give way to a lover's proclamation of staying awake and staying the course. The profound decision of love meets the feeling of love."

Despite the cold and wintry setting of the accompanying black and white video, the tune has a heart-warming and openly emotional feel, with the singer declaring "I'd be nothing without you... don't wanna be lazy on you." Workman's rich voice takes centre stage, while the fluid guitar solo that launches three minutes in is a treat. His pledge to produce focused and honest material is unwaveringly adhered to here.

Workman has upcoming shows in Saskatoon on Jan. 26,  Regina on Jan. 27 and 28, and Calgary on April 13 (with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra). Dates in Ontario and the Maritimes follow in May. Itinerary here.






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