Kayla Diamond: Limbo

Kayla Diamond - "Limbo" (Slaight Music/Cadence Recordings):  2018 was a breakthrough year for the Toronto-based pop chanteuse, thanks to the success of her debut EP, Beautiful Chaos, her first Top 10 radio single "What You're Made Of", and her single "Carnival Hearts," a killer cut that has surpassed two and a half million streams.

Last month she won new fans by opening a Philosopher Kings tour, and she now greets 2019 with this superb new single and video.

Diamond describes the song this way:  "We all have those unlabeled relationships, the ones where you try to pretend you're not falling for the other, but silently hope the other person shares those same unspoken feelings for you. This is the limbo we all know. This is the limbo we all fear, but it is the most common modern-day relationship. I've cracked, and this is my admission. Don't leave me in limbo."

The tune is a piano-based ballad, one subtly embellished with swelling strings. With gently affecting vocals, Diamond pleads "don't leave me in limbo, love me or let me go."

The sentiments are neatly complemented by the video, directed and filmed by Mitch Barnes.

Diamond is currently in the studio working on her sophomore EP, set for release later this year. An artist to watch closely.






Publicity: Erin Carroll, Cadence Music Group

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