Ghost Caravan: Love Me If You Dare

Ghost Caravan - “Love Me If You Dare” (The Confidence Emperors): This Toronto female quartet attracted attention with previous singles and this latest recording should accelerate their career.

In a press release, lead vocalist Shaina Silver-Baird explains that on the track “I get to sing through the roller coaster ups-and-downs of falling for a new lover and the internal war between confidence and vulnerability, ego and doubt that is inherent in explosive love. It’s both a challenge (love me if you dare) and a plea. One of the things I love most about 'Love Me If You Dare' is that, just like the emotions it represents, the track takes you on an unexpected journey; musical arrangements change and double back, beats alter, breaking your expectations. It’s somehow cool and fiery, groovy and experimental all at once.”

The track mixes melody and rhythm neatly, and the push and pull dynamics mirror the lyrical theme. Silver-Baird co-wrote the song with Martha Johnson and Mark Gane of Martha and the Muffins, and the unaffected clarity of her voice does bring that group to mind. Industry veteran Graham Stairs deserves kudos for his production work.

Ghost Caravan plans to release new singles accompanied by music videos and behind-the scenes-material, as well as performing. The group plays at The Rivoli in Toronto tonight, Feb. 15.






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