Photo: Colin Medley
Photo: Colin Medley

Micah Erenberg: Somewhere Beyond The Ocean

Micah Erenberg- “Somewhere Beyond The Ocean” (Sleepless Records): This multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Manitoba, is a recent signing to the dynamic Toronto indie label Sleepless Records (July Talk, Michael Rault, Kandle).

This track is the first product of that union, with an album slated for release later this year. It is a spirited slab of melodic rock 'n roll, featuring ringing guitars and some thought-provoking lyrics: "You said that there’s a big difference between doing what’s right the wrong way, and living honestly."

The tune is given extra resonance via a video clip filmed by noted director Colin Medley (Partner, Alvvays), one featuring some of Manitoba’s most hidden gem locales and locals. In a label press release, Erenberg explains that “Colin wanted a diner, an industrial park and a toboggan hill. The Oldie, Gimli Airport, and Pope’s Hill. We conjured up a group of lovely hooligans, embraced the cold and had a blast.”

"Sometimes it can feel like we're stuck in our lives, whether that's working a crummy job, or living in a country where it's cold most of the year,” adds Medley. “With this video, I wanted to show that there's always an escape, whether it's escaping into your own imagination or ditching work to go tobogganing with all your closest buddies."

“Somewhere Beyond The Ocean” was released initially as an acoustic version on one of Erenberg’s earlier DIY albums, and the song’s meaning has also evolved over time.

“I remember being asked the meaning of the closing lyric,” says Erenberg. “I had initially imagined it in a conversation between lovers and had never quite understood its placement. After being asked to explain it, I realized that it was more accurately describing a common situation in modern social justice. It wasn’t until then that I may have truly understood what the song meant to me. More likely is that I still do not know.”

He launches the single and video with a show at Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club in Winnipeg on March 7, followed by a six-city Western tour in April. Itinerary here





Publicity: Ken Beattie, Killbeat

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