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Updated @ 3:50 PM 3.8.19 Bray and Partners president David Bray delves into the latest Numeris PPMs to provide analyses on who made the most significant gains and losses in Canada's top radio markets.

If I can’t get to the Caribbean for March Break, here’s as close as I can get to some heat–the latest radio ratings. The new PPM release from Numeris completes the thirteen weeks covering Nov. 26th, 2018 to Feb. 24, 2019. Let’s look at the five PPM markets.


Bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap go to CHFI delivering a 13.7% share for A12+ (up from 11.0%).  CHFI, as usual, benefited from their all Christmas music month. CHFI-FM also grabs the #1 spot with ladies 25-54 delivering a 17.7% share (up from 15.3%).  BOOM-FM holds the #1 spot for males 25-54, posting a 12.6% share (up from 12.4 % in the last 13-week book). CHFI-FM leads the way for M18-34 with a 12.9% share. For F18-34, CHFI-FM dominates, posting a 24.2 % (up from 20.6%).


QMFM grabs the #1 spot for A12+ with a 14.3% share of hours tuned (up from 10.9%). QM benefited from their usual all Christmas music month. Taking the top spot for F25-54 was QM-FM, posting a 21.9% share (up from 17.9% last time out). CBC Radio One grabs the lead for M25-54 listeners, delivering a 12.2% share followed by The FOX at 11.6%.  The FOX is out in front for M18-34 with a 17.3 % share of hrs. tuned (up from 15.9 %). When it comes to Females 18-34, QM takes top spot posting a 16.9 % share.


96.3 The Breeze and NOW share #1 with A12+, each posting a 9.6 % share of hours tuned. NOW! Radio takes the top spot for F25-54, delivering a 20.9% share (down from 21.2 %). CRUZ-FM tops the list for M25-54 with a 10.3 % share (up from 7.7%). For M18-34, NOW leads the way posting a 10.7% followed closely by Sonic at 10.6%. NOW also led with F18-34 delivering a 17.1% (up from 17.0%).


XL103 leads the way for A12+ with a 9.7% (up from 7.8 % last time out).  Country 105 is popular with the ladies, taking #1 spot for F25-54 delivering a 13.9% share (down from 16.5%).  For M25-54, X92.9 is #1 with a 10.9% (down from 11.8%). X92.9 takes top spot for M18-34 delivering 8.7% (down from 10.8%). Country105 is #1 (waaaay out front) for F18-34 posting a 30.3% share (up from 21.7% !)


CHMP 98.5FM is #1 for A12+ (Franco) with an 18.9% share (down from 20.1%).  For A12+ (Anglo) CJAD 800 is #1 with a 27.1% (down from 28.7%). CITE-FM is tops with the ladies, taking #1 spot for F25-54 (Franco) delivering a 25.4% share (up from 21.0%). For F25-54 (Anglo) The Beat 92.5 is #1 with a 30.0% share (up from 29.9). For M25-54 (Franco), CHMP 98.5FM is on top at 16.2% share (down from 19.9 %).  For M25-54 (Anglo), The Beat is #1 at 20.6 % followed by CHOM-FM at 18.3%.

-- Full table information for the survey period Nov. 27-Feb. 24 for each market can be viewed on the Numeris or Bray & Associates' websites.

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