Photo Credit: Magdalena Bourne
Photo Credit: Magdalena Bourne

Dead Soft: The Static

Dead Soft - "The Static" (Arts & Crafts): Defining the sound of this BC band seems to be problematic. The press bio tag of "grunge-punks" is most certainly not an accurate description of this brand new single.

"The Static" is a moody dream-pop meets shoegaze track that brings the likes of Galaxie 500 to mind. The ethereal vocals of bassist/vocalist Keeley Rochon float atop the guitar work of Nathaniel Epp and Kyle Schick in beguiling fashion.

Rochon says of the tune: "The song represents the feeling of being alone and afraid, having a partner to rely on but becoming aware of the fact that there's more to life than blacking out for the entirety of your workday only to get home and collapse in the arms of the one you love. It's also a love song."

Dead Soft was founded in 2011 by partners Epp and Rochon and has undergone a few personnel changes. A self-titled debut came out in 2014, followed by an EP, New Emotion, late last year. The couple now lives on Gabriola Island where they run a landscaping company in between writing music and touring.

The band is currently playing club shows on the US west coast, concluding with an April 18 gig at Vancouver's Static Jupiter.






Publicity: Ken Beattie, Killbeat

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