Prism Prize Video: Belle Game - Low

On May 13, the biggest prize for Canadian music videos will be handed out in Toronto. We are profiling some of the Top 20 nominees before that, including this clip from the Vancouver dream pop band's second album. Slaight Music is Patron Sponsor for the Prism Prize.

Belle Game - “Low”

In “Low”, Belle Game and director Kevan Funk team up to explore ideas of authenticity and impersonal intimacy. This NSFW video opens with a static shot, overlooking a neighbourhood, reminiscent of the sprawling California hills - a place which is known for often blurring the line between what is real or fake. The subsequent shot seemingly solidifies this theme, introducing us to a woman, alone in her kitchen, her face covered in post-op bandages.

The video continues, bringing us into an industrial factory - the setting for the assemblage of sex dolls, coming together piece by piece, details being placed just so. Rows and rows of dildos are examined and snipped to be just right.  These shots are also interlaced with clips of a woman undergoing cosmetic surgery - bringing us even further into the idea of authenticity and the anxieties that exist around our physical identities.

Belle Game has revealed that the song itself “is about the empty feeling I had when continually fucking people because I felt it was my role to be of service to them. The neglect of my own humanity served my deeper desire of being accepted.”

The visuals that Funk serves up are cold, affecting, yet strangely comforting, knowing that the objects we see coming together will ultimately provide a sense of closeness and give someone the connectivity that humans so often desire.


Director & Editor: Kevan Funk

Producer: Dan Montgomery

Cinematographer: Peter Hadfield

Assistant Camera / Additional Cinematography: Rico Moran

Research: Anna Killen

Make Up: Teia Dumaresq

Colourist: Clinton Homuth

Additional Editing: Calum Moore

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