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Frankiie: Dream Reader

Frankiie - Dream Reader (Paper Bag Records): This Vancouver dream-rock quartet has just announced a signing to noted Toronto indie label, Paper Bag Records.

“I heard Dream Reader last year and signed them based on the craftsmanship of that one song,” notes Trevor Larocque, owner of Paper Bag, in a press release. “We’re feeling excited and grateful to have them on the label.”

The track certainly justifies his leap of faith, as it's a neatly-paced tune that features reverb-soaked guitars and moody vocals.

The surreal video clip accentuates the mesmerising feel of the song. "The video visually connects us to the repetitive and purposeful dream loop referenced in the song. Dream Reader was written around a series of dreams I’d had while the band was feeling directionless,” says songwriter Nashlyn Lloyd. “I was struggling to maintain my belief in the importance of creating music and our ambitions as a group. These dreams of drowning, stranded horses, and flying janky planes kept coming. I looked a few up in a dream dictionary and found that many of them were about new beginnings, emotional rebirth."

Frankiie made a splash with its 2015 Girl of Infinity EP, has played shows in North America and Europe, and last fall supported The Charlatans UK across the Eastern US and Canada.

The band is currently in the middle of a 10-date Dream Reader tour across the UK and Europe, then returns to Canada with a show at The Baby G, on May 21 in Toronto. 






Publicity: Julie Booth, Freshly Pressed PR

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