Dumb: Content Jungle

Dumb- Content Jungle (Mint Records): On June 7, this punky Vancouver quartet releases Club Nites, a quick follow-up to 2018's Seeing Green.

Content Jungle is the third advance single from the album, and it's a winner. Atop jangly guitar, the vocals rail against the info overload plaguing contemporary life: "vid distort encapsulates the dialogue, cathode tubes arranged to burn my fire."

A few short instrumental breaks give the track room to breathe nicely. Clocking in at 3.07, it is one of the band's longest tunes, as the 14 cuts on Club Nites together total just over half an hour. We've heard the rest of the album, and it is equally strong. Short and snappy rules!

Dumb has already made fans of the likes of Brooklyn Vegan and Stereogum.

The band recently announced its upcoming summer/fall tour dates in North America and Europe. A Canadian tour begins with a hometown record release show at Red Gate on June 16. European shows run Oct. 4-24. Full itinerary here




Publicity: Ryan Dyck, Mint Records

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