Tanika Charles: Love Overdue

Tanika Charles - Love Overdue (Independent): This is the new single from The Gumption, the just-released second album from Toronto-based soul songstress Tanika Charles. It reaffirms that Charles is dedicated to classic R&B/soul, rather than the hip-hop-inflected style of contemporary R&B, even though the cut is skilfully produced by DJ Kemo, known for his work with The Rascalz.

Charles has a convincing old-school feel in her vocals, and her phrasing is impeccable. Atop keyboards and backing vocals, she declares "the love you give me just won't subside."

In a press release, she explains about the song that "Infatuation is a tricky thing. It’s easy to get wrapped up in someone too soon and allow yourself to get hurt. But sometimes that infatuation can be dead right. Your friends are looking out for you, but you know your heart best. And if things are right, eventually they’ll see it too."

Her debut, 2017's Soul Run, earned a Juno Award nom and a Polaris MusicPrize longlist slot, and Charles has made a splash internationally, with four overseas tours to her credit that have included prestigious European festivals. The likes of Uncut and Mojo have sung her praises. 

Charles plays a free public show at Grace O'Malley's in Toronto on May 28.






Publicity: Take Aim Media

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