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Prism Prize Video: Jessie Reyez - Body Count

 The 2019 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video, was awarded two weeks ago to Kevan Funk, for his clip for Belle Game’s Low. We will continue to profile the nominated videos, including this one from a fast-rising young R&B star. Slaight Music is Patron Sponsor for the Prism Prize.

Jessie Reyez - “Body Count”

As the video for “Body Count” begins, we see Jessie Reyez being dragged by two men to be burned at the stake. Crowds of people, complete with judgemental stares, begin to gather and watch as the singer burns. As the fire grows, she sings, “We don’t need no one trying to take our freedom / Time won’t let you stay young / So we don’t care what they say / We gonna love who we wanna love.”

Reyez and Huang created a visual that appropriately highlights the song’s message about dealing with society’s gender inequality and encountering double standards, specifically when it comes to sexual freedom and relationships.

By drawing inspiration from the Salem Witch Trials, Reyez and director Peter Huang zeroed in on a time where women were often persecuted for behaviour that was deemed inappropriate. Even while marching to her sad fate, this persecuted woman is unapologetic and unwaveringly defiant - as she should be.

Directed by Peter Huang

Produced by Mad Ruk Entertainment



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